Setting Your Child Up for Success

Happy Snappy Goodbyes

By Sherlyne Fletcher

  1. Attend Meet the Teacher

Be sure to visit NTEYLC with your child for the Meet the Teacher. Having you nearby during this visit will help give your child a sense of security as they become familiar in their new and fun environment. At this visit, it is important for you to give your child space for them to freely explore their classroom on their own.

  1. Maintain a positive and upbeat tone. It’s contagious!

Children are great at mirroring what they see. So, try not to feel too anxious. If you are, this is where you “fake it ’til you make it” and hide it as best as you can. You don’t want to transfer your anxiety to your child. Remember, your attitude, excitement and positive energy about their new adventure is important to setting the stage for a healthy school year, and it will help to build a strong sense of security. Yay school!

  1. Don’t linger. Make it happy and make it Snappy. Create a Drop off routine.

Saying goodbye is never easy but having a short, sweet and simple drop-off routine is best for you and your child. When it’s time to go, don’t linger; make sure you give your child a confident goodbye and let them know you’ll be back later for pick up. Try to avoid saying “I will miss you,” as it is a sad reminder of your absence and your child will feel sad about you missing them. Make your goodbyes HAPPY AND SNAPPY to avoid making sadness worse. Remember, children are resilient and adaptable; they will soon feel a sense of belonging and they are in great hands!

  1. Pick up on Time

Stick with a pick-up routine so its predictable. We strongly encourage you to pick up on time, especially for the first couple of weeks. This is comforting and reassuring for your child to know that after our goodbye song you will be right there with arms wide open. Remember to keep the talk about their day positive and upbeat and get excited for the next day.

*Remind yourself that your child is in a wonderful and safe environment where they are playing, learning, enjoying new experiences, and developing relationships and skills that will last a life time.  Most importantly, they will be happy.

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