Helping Children to Reach Their Full Potential

Positive Education is a blend of best practices in academics and the study of happiness and well-being. The main goal of Positive Education is to promote a healthy mindset and well-being in the school community that allows each child to reach their full potential and ultimately be able to flourish.

At North Toronto Early Years we use the scientific study of Positive Psychology to focus on individual strengths and to cultivate intrinsic motivation, encouraging each child to be their best self. These scientific methods are broken down into a teachable framework that uses games, activities, and discussion to embody a whole child approach to education.

This approach focuses on building character, well being, positivity, engagement, a sense of belonging, and developing a growth mindset in every child.

Our goal is that children will learn these social emotional skills in the early years and they will have prolonged positive effects throughout their lives.

Each one of our staff has been through additional training in Adlerian Education or Positive Education. This allows our teachers to gain a thorough understanding of how to implement it in the classroom. It is more than just a philosophy, it is a language, it is a skill, and it is at the heart of everything we do. North Toronto Early Years has been educating this way from day 1. Whether it is called Adlerian or Positive Education, it is about providing a program that focuses on educating the heart as well as the mind.

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