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It is our belief that our teachers are what make the magic happen at North Toronto Early Years. For this reason, we only hire enthusiastic, passionate teachers who are committed to teaching not only academics but well-being too. We then ensure that all of our teachers are supported with ongoing training. Our Leadership team and in-house specialists attend workshops and conferences and have received specialized training in both Early Literacy and Character Education.

Many of our teachers have been with us since the beginning and truly feel as though work is their second home. Not only are the staff brilliant educators, but they are kind and compassionate human beings. They are a special group of people who make North Toronto the magical place that it is.

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Jenn Carr, Director of Castlefield

Jenn Carr, RECE

Director, Castlefield

Jenn Carr is our Director at the Castlefield Avenue location. She has been with us since the beginning and literally lives and breathes what we teach.  Her warm and bubbly personality allows parents to feel comfortable and at ease.

Catherine Ciardulli, Head of Curriculum Development

Catherine Ciardulli, RECE

Director, Bedford Park

Catriona Smith is our Director at our Bedford Park location. She has been with us since the doors opened and was instrumental in creating a program that reflected our Adlerian philosophy. Her love of children and her commitment to our families and to the teaching profession, is truly remarkable.

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Sherlyne Fletcher, RECE CAPP

Head of Character Education

Sherlyne Fletcher is our head of Character Education and is responsible for the professional development of our teachers. It is her job to ensure that all of our teachers are practising what we preach.

Catherine Ciardulli, Head of Curriculum Development

Catherine Ciardulli, RECE

Head of Curriculum Development

Catherine Ciardulli is our head of curriculum development. She is responsible for ensuring that all of our programming is current and delivering best practices. Catherine has developed our in house literacy program, Linking Letters that we are so proud of. Catherine's wealth of knowledge is a huge asset to our school and it's success.

Debbie Kalinich, Wellness Specialist

Debbie Kalinich, RECE

Wellness Specialist

Debbie Kalinich is our wellness specialist. She is a certified Brain Gym® and yoga instructor. The Brain Gym® program requires intensive training and many hours of coursework. We are thrilled to be able to offer this to our children with Deb’s expertise.

Jordane Frankel, Head of Communications


Head of Communications and Admissions

Jordane Frankel is our head of communications. We recognize that communication is a critical piece for parents, especially when their little ones are away from home for the first time. Jordane is also our admissions coordinator. She is responsible for many of the behind-the-scenes tasks including registration and admissions.

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