Our Vision

It is our vision to provide children with the opportunities and skills they need  to flourish and become the future leaders and changemakers of our world.


Our mission is to provide the best education possible for your children by creating a strong academic program within a safe and positive learning environment. Children learn to be risk takers, to be resilient, to have courage, and to ask questions, all while developing a love of learning.

Our Story

Connie Runions, Founder - North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre - Full day and half day Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten programs - Nursery School Toronto, Daycare Toronto, Childcare Toronto, Toddler Toronto

I am Connie Runions, founder of NTEYLC.

I am a proud mom of two grown sons. It wasn’t until my first son attended preschool that I realized what I was looking for didn’t exist. Choosing a school can be a very long and difficult process because as parents we want the BEST for our children. My quest to find a learning environment that truly fostered the social/emotional well-being of my child led me to open my own school, now known as North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre.

I knew that I wanted my school to be DIFFERENT than what was out there.

Many schools have very good academic programs. However, I wanted more for my son. I wanted him to learn how to make friends, how to speak up, and most of all develop a love of school.

I wanted a place where teachers were properly trained in teaching the most important social/emotional skills while still being able to provide a rich academic experience. That’s when a friend introduced me to Alyson Schafer and took me to a talk she was doing on the Adlerian Philosophy of parenting and teaching. I was sold! This is what I was searching for in a school!

Alyson has gone on to be a world renown Adlerian parenting expert and best-selling author, but in 2002 she agreed to help open my school. With the help of Alyson, we set up our classroom routines to encourage cooperation and a sense of belonging to all children. She helped  to hire our classroom teachers to ensure they were of the highest caliber. We built a training program for those teachers and created a curriculum that allowed for all children to feel and do their best!

My hope is that NTEYLC will continue to be a very special place where parents know that their children are in the best hands.

I invite you to visit our school, meet our teaching team and learn how enrolling your child in our school, at this critical learning time, could be the most important decision for their education as well as their personal well being.


Connie Runions

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