Our Philosophy

Educating the Hearts and Minds of Toddlers and Preschoolers

Our philosophy is truly the foundation for everything we do. It is what sets us apart. North Toronto Early Years is rooted in Adlerian Philosophy. Every one of our staff members are trained in this approach and believe in the Adlerian way of teaching and responding to children.

Alfred Adler, the founder of Adlerian Philosophy, understood that emotional intelligence, or EQ, is equally important as IQ.

It was Adlers belief that having the courgage to be imperfect was crucial to ones wellbeing. He believed that with this courage to be imperfect one could build upon their ability to be resilient, a necessary skill for the learning process. Adler‘s approach to guiding children both at school and at home is what our school is built upon. Teaching mutual respect, replacing rewards and punishment with consequences and problem-solving skills and using encouragement rather than praise are all part of the Adlerian way. This philosophy and how it is applied to teaching toddlers and preschoolers ensures that children have the interpersonal skills necessary to achieve academic and personal success when moving on from kindergarten.

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