Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

No.  At NTEYLC our approach to toilet training is the same as the one recommended by the Canadian Paediatric Society. This child centred approach allows the child to go at his/her own pace. We believe that when a child is ready physically and psychologically, they will be able to succeed in mastering this task.  We are there to support the child and the family in any way that we can.

Do we need to provide snacks and/or lunch?

No.  NTEYLC provides all children with snacks.  We also provide lunch for those that are signed up for our extended day or full day programs.  Our lunch is ordered through a catering service called Yummy Catering. They provide healthy and nutritious meals for little ones.  Our snack always includes a fruit, water, and some sort of crackers/rice cake. Snack is an important part of our program. It is a time for children to come together and take on responsibilities.  Each week children are given snack jobs in order to learn how to be part of a team. This helps children feel confident and capable. Some of the snack jobs include; handing out snacks, handing out water, chair inspector (push in all chairs when done), napkin helper, ect.  Water is given instead of juice so that teachers can use snack time to teach children independence. Children practice how to drink from a cup, how to pour into a cup and how to clean up a spill.

How do you keep kids safe in the building?

Once your child enters the building, all doors are automatically locked.  Both of our buildings are fully equipped with fire safety equipment (fire rated doors, sprinkler systems, and pull stations).  We are also hooked up to a fire and security monitoring station and practice fire drills on a regular basis. We have gates around the perimeter of the school and our play area is fenced in.

What are the teacher to child ratios?

Our teacher to child ratios are as follows:

Toddler 1:5

Preschool 1:8

Jk/Sk 1:10

What are your teachers' qualifications?

All of our classrooms are staffed with at least 1 RECE (the new designation for ECE).  Some of our staff have their B.Ed or their M.Ed. We have a leadership team that consists of many specialists that you can also read about here.

What amenities does the centre have?
  • Bright and cheery classrooms
  • Kitchens for cooking
  • Gymnasium for indoor play
  • Outdoor Play Space (Castlefield only)
Will my child be prepared for Full Day Kindergarten?

The feeder schools report that they can see a noticeable difference in the children that have attended our school.  This tells us that YES your child will be well prepared both academically and socially/emotionally.

Can I learn to apply this philosophy at home?

Absolutely.  Throughout the year you will have access to articles/blogs written by our staff about how to implement the strategies taught at school, into the home.  You can also visit Alyson Schafers site [take to her site] in order to learn about the Adlerian Philosophy and get tips and tricks for parenting using this approach.  Alyson was a large part of developing the school and its philosophy. Lastly, teachers are always in communication with parents, helping them to navigate handling certain behaviours / developing certain skills.  

Is there a nap time?

For full day kids there is a nap time after lunch.  If your child isn't napping anymore, they will participate in the afternoon enrichment programs.  When it comes to napping, we accommodate what the family wants for their child. We provide all cots and bedding for the children.

How often can I expect to hear from my child’s teacher?

Communication is huge at our school.  For this reason we have a dedicated communications coordinator who sets up every classroom with an online app to view photos of your child learning throughout the day.  Teachers make monthly phone calls home to every family and the staff are always available via email to answer any questions. You will also be receiving monthly newsletters and other communications on a regular basis. Parent-Teacher interviews are scheduled twice a year.

What happens if my child needs to do two years of preschool? Will they be learning the same things all over again?

At NTEYLC our curriculum is designed as a continuum, building upon the skills that were previously learned.  Our second year preschool program acknowledges that the children coming in have already attended a year of preschool and therefore continues where they left off the prior year.  

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