Courage is one of the most important things that a child can learn.   When we think about it, it takes courage to do everything.  We need courage to ask a friend to play with us (what if he says no?).  We need courage to try something new (what if we find it really tricky?).   Lastly, we need courage to speak up and let people know what we think and feel.  Without courage, none of these things are possible.

So how do we support this important development? By modeling, making mistakes and being okay with the mistakes that we make!  Mistakes are for learning. Truly we should be making mistakes every day and mistaking our way to success all the time.  It’s not the mistakes that we make that matter, it’s the learning that occurred before, during and after the mistakes were made. So, make mistakes, talk about what worked and what didn’t and why with your little ones. They will learn that life is about the process and develop the courageto try new things, make new discoveries and ask lots of questions!

Written By,

Catherine Ciardulli



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