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  • Parent Resource Zone

    Starting this September located in our newly renovated state of the Art building across from Allenby Public School
  • At North Toronto Early Years we are striving to be the one stop shop that can help with all your familites needs. Over the years we have learned that as a child develops through the early years a number of issues can arise. There is limited help for parents available when this happens. Starting in September we will be offering a number resources and programs (see reverse) to help parents when the need arises. In addition to other childhood issues, Anxiety in Children is on the rise and so we are introducing a number of workshops and parent help options that can help to alleviate the stress around this issue. 
  • A sample of the Resources and Programs we will be offering:
    • Parent Coaching
    • Cranial Sacral Therapy
    • BrainGym consultation and workshops
    • Polarity Therapy
    • Kids’ Yoga
    • Parent and Baby Bonding workshops
    • How to help your child with ADD and ADHD
    • How to help your child with Autism
    • How to help your child with Anxiety
    • Speech Therapy
    • Fine Motor Skills Development (printing)