5-Day Morning
  • The North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre Kindergarten Program

    Celebrates Literacy, Numeracy, Exploration, Reflection and Fun!
  • Our program emphasizes active participatory learning and ensures development of: Language and literacy; communication; social and emotional development; physical development; health and well-being; the arts, math and sciences

    Our small class size means more time with every child every day; it also means we have the ability to tailor our curriculum to meet the specific needs of the children in the class, something that just wouldn’t be possible in a class size of 30..  Children not only get one on one in class guidance academically to achieve and exceed expectations, but also have one on one  guidance to problem solve, and obtain an Adlerian centered approach to Social Development.  Afternoon enriched options can be added at any time.  You can choose any or all of the programs that would be beneficial to your child.  

    The program understands that children need interactive learning along with systematic individualized lessons to ensure that they have a comprehensive approach to their learning while meeting Ministry expectations at the same time.  Our understanding of Ministry Academic needs and a child’s Developmental needs are why all of our Kindergarten Programs (morning and afternoon) are so unique.  

  • The Adlerian Advantage…

    Most importantly, our students graduate from us feeling their 4 C’s: That they are connected, are capable, that they count and have courage.  Children who have their 4 C’s are caring, co-operative, respectful and resourceful.  These children have the “stick-to-itiveness” needed for later life success.

    One of the highest expressions of courage is the courage to be imperfect, the courage to risk failure and to be proved wrong.

    — Alfred Adler

    To be successful, you must not be afraid to fail.  At North Toronto we celebrate mistakes as they are a necessary path to learning.

  • Balanced Literacy, Reading and Writing
  • Ministry Approved Science Program
  • Physical Movement Program
  • Social Development
  • Mathematics
  • Afternoon Flex-Options
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  • Balanced Literacy Reading and Writing Program

  • Our progressive individualized Balanced Literacy Reading and Writing Program enables us to meet a child where they are within their development: This sets our students up for success while feeling challenged at the same time.  This approach enables our children to reach their full potential and thrive.

  • Reading

    Our students are read with each day (even our JKs) and are provided with a range of lessons to develop these reading skills: 

    • Decoding
    • Self-Correction
    • Comprehension
    • Fluency/Pace
    • Expression
    • Punctuation
  • Writing

    Because our lesson plans are individualized and focused on meeting the child from where they are at within their development, children are able to quickly move through their writing skills.  Our students go from being able to make simple markings on a paper to writing letters, drawing detailed pictures and establishing letter/sound connections within words: Progressing into writing known sight words, making spaces between words and using a variety of punctuation.    All at a pace that respects the child’s role as a leader within their learning.

  • Ministry Approved Science Program

  • Our students will demonstrate their learning by saying, doing, representing and reflecting upon their observations and experiences.  Our small class size enables us to do fun exciting experiments and learn key concepts in a fun organic way.  Ie: raising butterflies, plants/garden, the human body, space/earth exploration etc.   Making science fun! 

  • Our Science Program utilizes hands on, inquiry based learning that incorporates concrete opportunities to learn about science

    • Earth Science
    • Physical Science
    • Life Science
    • Scientific Investigation & Experimentation
  • Physical Movement Program

  • Yoga enhances flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness; plus concentration and a sense of calmness and relaxation greatly improves. Sports activities and games will be incorporated into the program based on the student interests. 

    Our program utilizes Brain Gym™, Yoga and Rhythmic Movements to promote brain development, physical coordination and relaxation techniques to enhance self-regulation.  Brain Gym™ movements are done daily and integrate the centres of the brain for optimal learning potential. Brain Gym™ movements can assist our students with all the items on the right.

    • Concentration and Focus
    • Anxiety
    • Academics: reading, writing, math, test taking
    • Physical coordination
    • Relationships
    • Organization skills
    • Attitude
  • Social Development

    Your child will be taught Adlerian based techniques to build their self-esteem and help them to become empathetic, independent learners.  The program includes daily activities where the teacher helps to teach and guide the children through key EQ skills.  Mind UP™ “Teaches social and emotional learning skills that link cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology and mindful awareness training utilizing a brain centric approach.” This program reduces anxiety in children while enhancing focus, communication, optimism and happiness; plus increasing empathy and compassion at the same time.

  • Mathematics

    Math is incorporated daily into our program and is based on experiential learning that targets a child’s interests where they can get involved in problem solving and experimentation.  Numbers and Math is an extension of the Handwriting without Tears™ program and enhances a child’s ability to comprehend, retain and apply mathematical concepts, number sense and mental math on a regular basis.  By utilizing this program our teachers are able to move freely between the 5 Mathematical Domains.  This allows for lessons to move at the pace of the class and reflect where the children are within their learning more accurately and holistically. Teachers are able to speed up or slow down lessons depending on the classes needs.  Our small class size allows for group activities where students can learn from each other using key concepts and the teacher is able to give one on one attention when needed.  Children will also develop oral language skills to express math concepts. This program has an organic child-centered approach to help kids get excited about math!

  • Afternoon Flex-Options

    Is your child ready for full-day learning?  Or would you like the option of adding on classes as you need them throughout the year?  Our Afternoon Flex-Option plan is the right plan for you!  Whether you want to add one afternoon class, or all 5, our Kick Start into Grade 1 allows you to customize your child’s learning!  You can even add a hot lunch!

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