Kick-Start into Grade 1

5-Day Afternoon
  • Kindergarten Enrichment Program

    Kick-Start into Grade 1
  • Kick-Start into Grade 1 Afternoon 5-day Program!  Our Kick-Start into Grade 1 Program takes the time to celebrate each respective class with a thoroughness that can only be achieved in a small class size with specialized teachers: Smaller classes mean more time for every child.  It also means we have the ability to tailor our curriculum to meet the specific needs of the children in the class, something that just wouldn’t be possible in a class size of 25-30.  Our program takes into consideration that parents register their children in our afternoon programs to enrich their child’s academic, physical and social-emotional development because they are already registered with the school board or are here with us, in the morning. 

    Each respective program is designed to hone in on developing specific skills and competencies.  Classes are developed with the children’s developmental level and interests in mind ensuring that lessons are holistic, relevant and tailored to meet the needs of each child.    

    Our Kindergarten Team understands that children need interactive learning along with systematic individualized lessons to ensure that they have a comprehensive approach to their learning while meeting Ministry expectiations at the same time.  Our understanding of Ministry Academic needs and a child’s Developmental needs is why all of our Kindergarten Programs (morning and afternoon) are so unique.  

    You also have the benefit of knowing your child is being taught by teachers who are specialized in our 4 C’s Adlerian Philosophy. 

  • Our Kindergarten Team understands that children learn in a variety of different ways and that when we teach information to children through the way that they learn best we optimize comprehension and retention while enhancing whole-brain learning.

    Our "Kick-Start into Grade 1", features:
    • A Balanced Literacy Reading and Writing Program: Individualized Lesson Plans for Reading & Writing; 1-on-1 Reading
    • Performance and Creative Arts: Fosters whole brain development, communication and social skills, while nurturing ones love of the performance and creative arts
    • Brain Fit: Utilizes fun games , sports, Brain Gym™ and Yoga™ to help enhance a child’s learning potential in math, reading and writing
    • Calculated Wonders: Explores math and science with hands on, inquiry based learning & concrete experiences enhancing prediction and reflection skills
  • Balanced Literacy, Reading and Writing
  • Performance and Creative Arts
  • Brain Fit and BrainGym™
  • Calculated Wonders
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  • Balanced Literacy Reading and Writing Program

  • Our progressive individualized Balanced Literacy Reading and Writing Program enables us to meet a child where they are within their development: This sets our students up for success while feeling challenged at the same time.  This approach enables our children to reach their full potential and thrive.

  • Reading

    Our students are read with each day (even our JKs) and are provided with a range of lessons to develop these reading skills: 

    • Decoding
    • Self-Correction
    • Comprehension
    • Fluency/Pace
    • Expression
    • Punctuation
  • Writing

    Because our lesson plans are individualized and focused on meeting the child from where they are at within their development, children are able to quickly move through their writing skills.  Our students go from being able to make simple markings on a paper to writing letters, drawing detailed pictures and establishing letter/sound connections within words: Progressing into writing known sight words, making spaces between words and using a variety of punctuation.    All at a pace that respects the child’s role as a leader within their learning.

  • Performance and Creative Arts

    In each class your child will partake in one of the Performance or Creative Arts:  Music, Movement, Drama or the Creative Arts.  Children who are exposed to the performance and creative arts while their cognitive skills are maturing ensure that their right brain will be as developed as the left, encouraging both hemispheres to work in tandem; thus achieving the full potential of the mind.

    The performance and creative arts also enhances the ability to communicate and connect effectively which prepares us to be more successful with all of life’s tasks; making friends, maintaining relationships and obtaining/retaining a job.  A task that is especially important for children who have a hard time speaking up and making friends to learn. Music, movement, drama and the creative arts are natural ways for children to begin to learn about the world around them, while developing social skills, learning how to enter peer groups, regulation skills, empathy skills, whole brain development, fine motor development and, of course, a greater love for all of the arts.

  • Brain Fit

  • Introducing Brain Fit – a cutting edge new program that uses fun games, yoga, sports, Brain Gym© and Rhythmic Movements to help increase your child’s learning potential! After many years of research, it has been found that these movements are instrumental in the development of reading, writing and mathematical skills in children. 

    Brain Fit not only increases your child’s learning potential but also increases brain development which enhances their sports, social and academic success!   “Movement is the doorway to learning” – Dr. Paul Dennison

    This program honours the way all children learn while instilling a connection between the entire mind, body and spirit.

  • Brain Gym™ is a system of targeted activities that optimize brain development. The movements done daily, integrate the centres of the brain for optimal learning potential. Brain Gym movements can assist our students with:

    • Concentration and Focus
    • Anxiety
    • Academics: reading, writing, math, test taking
    • Physical coordination
    • Relationships
    • Organization skills
    • Attitude
  • Calculated Wonders

    Our Math and Science Program utilizes hands on, inquiry based learning that incorporates concrete opportunities to learn about the 4 sciences (Earth, Physical, Life and Scientific Investigation & Experimentation) and the 5 math domains (Number & Operations, Geometry, Patterns & Algebra, Measurement & Time Data Representation & Probability)

    Our small class size allows for group activities in math and fun exciting experiments in Science.  Ie: raising butterflies Plants/garden, the human body, space/earth exploration etc.   Students will be able to learn key concepts from each other and the teacher is able to give one on one attention when needed.  Children will also develop oral language skills to express math concepts. The program will have an organic child-centered approach that will get them excited about math, and will make science fun!

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