Our Philosophy

Adlerian Philosophy
  • Alfred Adler

    Adler was the first to emphasize the importance of the social element in the re-adjustment process of the individual and who carried psychiatry into the community.

    — Orgler, H.

    Orgler, H. (1976). Alfred adler. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 22(1), 67-68. doi:10.1177/002076407602200110

  • All of our programs, policies and procedures are based on the philosophy of Alfred Adler. Adler understood that emotional intelligence or EQ is equally as important as IQ. IQ is a fairly stable trait, but EQ is largely influenced by early childhood experiences. For a child to have academic and occupational success, they must first have emotional success.

    In order to have success in today’s world people need skills in problem solving, handling adversity with courage and team playing. Instead of fostering competitive skills, at North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre we recognize the need for people to co-operate and work in teams; to have people skills. Children are not born knowing these social skills, but instead they must be stimulated and developed.

  • Adler’s approach to guiding the child at home and school is still considered the gold standard of professionals: mutual respect, replacing rewards and punishment with consequences and problem solving, and replacing praise with encouragement.

    As defined in the book Responsibility in the Classroom, by internationally renowned Adlerians Amy Lew PhD. And Betty Lou Bettner PhD. (Connexions Press, Newton MA 02159.) our model is known as The 4 Crucial C’s. We believe that children everywhere have the same basic needs that must be fulfilled in order to develop a positive self-esteem and the ability to build loving relationships.

  • The 4 Crucial C's
    • The quality of care a child receives in the first three years of life is the single most important factor other than genetics influencing that child’s development.

      Paul D. Steinhauer, M.D.
      Chair, Voices for Children
      From: Kaleidoscope Magazine, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Learn more about the 4 Crucial C's and see how they help your child.
    The 4 Crucial C's