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North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre
  • Thank you for your interest in the North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre.
    With our two locations, 11 Bedford Park Avenue and 1133 Avenue Road, we are building a very unique and special place for the families of North Toronto.
    There has been a lot of research done lately about the early years and how critical learning opportunities are during this time. Equally important is the environment the children learn in. Both of these things greatly affect the future learning successes of children.
  • Alyson Schäfer
    We have worked with noted parenting expert and best selling author Alyson Schäfer, Breaking the Good Mom Myth… and cohost of The Parenting Show on Rogers Television (www.alysonschafer.com), to ensure our classroom teachers are of the highest caliber. With the help of Alyson, we set up our classroom routines to encourage cooperation and a sense of belonging to all children. 
    Alyson Schäfer is a psychotherapist and one of Canada’s leading parenting experts. Her book “Breaking the Good Mom Myth” (John Wiley and Sons 2006) is a national best seller that has moms across North America in stitches as they read Alyson’s humorous but pragmatic methods for getting past perfection and raising great kids.
  • More on Alyson
    Alyson has extensive television experience. She hosts TV’s The Parenting Show a live call-in advice show and was the resident parenting expert on CBC’s The Gill Deacon Show. Alyson has also appeared as the guest expert on the Montel Williams Show, CityTV’s Breakfast Television, CTV News, Global News, The Agenda and many many more.
    The media relies on Alyson’s comments and opinions. You can find her interviewed and quoted extensively in such publications as Cosmopolitan, Readers’ Digest, Canadian Living, Today’s Parents, and Canadian Families.
    A popular public speaker, Alyson uses her wit and wisdom peppered with humorous real life examples and eye-catching props to engage her audiences. She has spoken at Sick Kids Hospital, Kraft Foods, Ford, Unilever, The Globe and Mail, Suncor Energy, RIM, GlaxoSmithKline, and more.
  • Our Teachers
    • Working with Alyson, our teachers have received training in classroom management skills, as well as how to build self-esteem and what is needed to really encourage a child.  Our goal is to develop social skills and positive attitudes toward cooperation and team work in the children.  These are the skills the children need to be successful not only in school but in life!  For the parents, Alyson will be holding workshops on a variety of parenting challenges.
  • Testimonials

    • Duncan and James have thrived at NTEYLC. They love going to school each morning and always come home with smiles on their faces. They really care about their teachers and their friends and feel like they are important parts of the group. The school’s emphasis on the “4 C’s” has really supported their emotional development. One day, when I was having trouble fixing a toy for Duncan, our 3-year old, I said that I didn’t think I would be able to do it. Instead of getting upset or frustrated, he turned to me and said “Yes you can, Mom. You just have to work really hard – stick with it – and then you will be able to do it.” I know that his sense of confidence in my ability to fix a problem was in fact a mirror of his own sense of confidence and capability – qualities that his teachers work with all of the children to achieve. We will be sad when it is time for our boys to leave NTEYLC but are already so grateful for the strong emotional foundation the school has helped to lay for them.

      Adair Roberts
    • Simply put, NTEYLC is an extension of our family. Our 4 year old son is in his third year here and our 2 year old daughter is in her first. To list the academic and ‘life’ skills our children have mastered as a result of attending the school would take far too long. Suffice it to say the skills our kids have learned are simply wonderful, and delight the kids every day as much as they delight us. However, the real heart of the place is in the emotional education kids receive. The loving attention of the teachers mixed with the positive emotional education has helped give our children not just the best start to school, but to life. At NTEYLC, our kids belong, they count, they can express themselves clearly, and they will benefit from it for the rest of their lives.

      Cameron Bryce
    • NTEYLC is an incredible school with an even more incredible staff. Both my son and daughter have attended the Toddler and Preschool programs at NTEYLC and thrived. The knowledge, compassion and dedication of the staff and the Adlerian philosophy make the school a very special place. I feel that my children’s experience at NTEYLC has had a wonderful impact on their development and future, fostering a strong sense of self, independence and sociability!

      Dana Rippon
    • The most important thing that NTEYLC brought out in our son and daughter was confidence: in themselves, in their abilities, and in their place in the world. The school’s greatest strength is its teaching staff, who were superb at helping our kids become good communicators, as well as helping us parents step back and let them grow into themselves. Although we’ve been gone two years, North Toronto is still a part of our family. Not only do I still see the evidence of those important first lessons in Paolo and Francesca, but our third child, Alexander, starts there next September.

      Jennifer Bizzarri
    • I asked my son today what he learned in his new pre-kindergarten class and he replied, “I don’t learn anything in this school, mama . . . not like at my old school.” Fantastic!

      Jodi Peake
      after leaving NTEYLC due to a move out west
  • In addition to our outstanding teachers, the centre is unique for many reasons:
    • Flexability

      Programs are available 2, 3 or 5 days per week and flexible drop-off and pick-up time are available to accommodate busy schedules.

    • Family

      We offer extended care through an occasional drop-in playgroup in the afternoons and bi-monthly Parent’s Night Out hours so time-deprived adults can rejuvenate.

    • Lunch

      The school offers a lunch program for students 2.5 years and older, and a before and after school program for students attending Blessed Sacrament.

    • Facilities

      The facilities include bright cheery classrooms, and a gymnasium for gross motor development.

    • Security

      Once children are safely in the centre the doors are locked to ensure complete protection.

  • We invite you to browse our web site and and we hope you choose North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre for your child!
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